Morning view from the Vanguard Turk . The peak in the window is Mt Aurum, the mythical “motherlode” of the Shotover gold, now receiving the golden light of the morning sun.

Wilding pine weekend (this weekend)

I have decided to scale this back a bit since the weather looks bad for Saturday. Also when I I first suggested this date a few months ago I had forgotten how frantic December is, hence many willing people were not able to attend.

My revised plan is to visit Deep Creek from Coronet Peak car park. Departing Sunday morning at 7:30am and returning at 3pm. If you are interested in coming along text me on 027 241 8571.

Turks, info and bookings

In the last email I mentioned how The Mt Hyde and Polnoon Saddle turks still had some things to complete. I am adamant this will be done by 14th December at the latest so if you are thinking of doing the Mahu Whenua Traverse be confident it will be all completed by this date.

Several people have commented how the information in the last newsletter about travel times between the Turks was very useful. I plan to improve information and maps on the website over the next week so stay tuned.

To book a Turk go here  If you have any questions/problems or need to change date email The address is monitored by Savanna Handevidt, she works with me and is much prompter with email than I am.

Another morning picture from the Vanguard Turk. This time looking up the Shotover River to the Branches Station.

A Mahu Whenua Traverse youth event

The problem with building a whole lot of huts in the mountains is the lack of something tangible to celebrate when viewed from an urban life.

I am pleased to announce a planned youth event with The Antarctic Heritage Trust ( to complete the traverse with a range of young (year 12 &13) adventurers.

As well as restoring some of the amazing heritage in the Antarctic such as the expedition huts of Scott, Shackleton and Borschgrevink, the AHT also have a commitment to preserving the adventurous spirit of these explorers. To achieve this goal they have taken young people on many amazing expeditions such as kayaking in Antarctica, crossing South Georgia in Shackleton’s footsteps, and a crossing of Greenland following Nansen’s route. With the current need for adventures closer to home, AHT saw the Mahu Whenua traverse as a worthy adventure linking their existing connection with Antarctic turks to their NZ counterparts.

We are still formulating plans but I am hoping to have a couple of groups doing the traverse from opposing ends sometime in mid-August 2021.

That’s all for now. Remember the changes to the wilding pine weekend/day.

Erik Bradshaw
027 241 8571

4 December 2020


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