Turk contributions

Listed below are the “building blocks” required to build a Turk.

On the Turk materials page I have listed the materials required to build a Turk. For people not familiar with building things I thought it better to translate these into the resultant part of a Turk. People who want to contribute by materials (as opposed to helping build the them) can identify what they are paying for.

If you want to contribute towards materials then:

  1. Select what you want to contribute
  2. Put the money into this account including your initials as a reference:  BNZ 02-0948-0361388-000   (or just 00 at the end)
  3. Email erik@bradshaw.net.nz with the details from above. (If you want to be anonymous make sure you say)
Turk PartCostQuantityTotal
26000 litre tank $2,700.00 1 $2,700.00
Bunk 1$3001$300.00
Bunk 2$3001$300.00
Bunk 3$3001$300.00
Bunk 4$3001$300.00
Mattress 1$3001$300.00
Mattress 2$3001$300.00
Mattress 3$3001$300.00
Mattress 4$3001$300.00
Cooking bench$350.001$350.00
Deck and foundation$800.001$800.00
Floor and support$400.001$400.00
Door and Jamb$450.001$450.00
Window and jamb$450.001$450.00
Lighting, ventilation and electrical$350.001$350.00
Felt on walls behind bunks$360.001$360.00
Utensils, cooker and other nice stuff$350.001$350.00
Anchoring system$375.001$375.00
Gas Buddy heater$350.001$350.00
Water tank and guttering$300.001$300.00