Turk materials

Listed below are the materials required to build and Turk. Prices are ex GST.

If you want to contribute towards materials then:

  1. Select what you want to contribute. Also see this page Turk contributions
  2. Put the money into this account including your initials as a reference:  BNZ 02-0948-0361388-000   (or just 00 at the end)
  3. Email erik@bradshaw.net.nz with the details from above. (If you want to be anonymous make sure you say)
ItemUnitUnit costUnitsTotal
RX plastics tank $2,758.00 1$2,758.00
Foundation frame
100x100 H4 Fence Post 3 metres long$23.954$95.80
100x50 H4 rough sawn raidata pineLM$4.503$13.50
Stainless steel strip bracing 15mUnit$215.871$215.87
200mm 14g stainless steel timber screwsUnit$3.208$25.60
150mm 14g stainless streel timber screwUnit$1.6816$26.88
50x100 H4 rough sawn raidata pineLM$4.5020$90.00
32x90 decking timberLM$5.0560$303.00
Decking screws$50.00
45x140 LVLLength 6m$50.882$101.76
12mm CD structural plywoodSheet$43.174$172.68
Fastners and sacking for gravel$100.001$100.00
Doors and windows
LVL for door and window frameLength$62.582$125.16
Gaboon marine ply for door and windows$178.751$178.75
Double glazed windows$110.003$330.00
Door window latches$120.001$120.00
Door window CNC$250.001$250.00
Silicone window sealantTube$25.004$100.00
Two part epoxy sealant$70.001$70.00
Bunks and bench
Bunk base plywood 12mmsheet$43.174$172.68
Bunk ends 25mmsheet$110.001.5$165.00
Bench top 17mm$70.431$70.43
Bench shelving 12mm plysheet$43.172$86.34
Bunk and bench CNC$300.001$300.00
Mattresses foamsheet$230.002$460.00
Mattresses covers$150.004$600.00
Ladder and misc LVL$100.001$100.00
Fastners and glue$100.001$100.00
Interior fitout
Wall cladding ply 4mmsheet$24.958$199.60
Insulation 1.2m wideroll$658.001$658.00
Ceiling fabricLM$20.0015$300.00
Ceiling insulationLM$10.0020$200.00
Electrical and misc
Solar pannelUnit$150.001$150.00
Electronic control, lighting, batteryUnit$150.001$150.00
Fan ventilation$100.001$100.00
Water tank + guttering$250.001$250.00
Polyeurothane + epoxy + oils$200.001$200.00
Rigging and Anchoring - requirements depend of location and engineers report
Chain (long link, rated)Metre$15.001$15.00
Rigging screwunit$60.003$180.00
Guy cablesunit$40.003$120.00
Toilet - design not finalised
18mm Plywood for ribs$70.001$70.00
Corrugated iron$32.006$192.00
18mm Plywood H3.2$85.001$85.00
Total cost of Turk excluding helicopter positioning costs $10,671.05