Listed below in a North to South order are the 5 Turks of the Mahu Whenua Traverse and the outlier Crown Basin Turk sited in a basin behind Arrowtown (map). To book a Turk you must be a member of the Mountain Turk Club – look here to find out more. Membership verification is completed using email as part of the post-booking process.

Each Turk is fully featured including 4 bunks and mattresses with 2 additional mattresses for extras on the floor, cooking and eating equipment, lighting and some lightweight bedding. You need to take food, sleeping bag and gas for the cooker.

If skiing the traverse it’s recommended that you start at Treble Cone and head south so you are skiing the south faces. Access to both Treble Cone and Coronet Ski areas is subject to their health and safety procedures – please read their rules here and here.

In winter, visiting the Turks requires experience with avalanche terrain, inclement weather and icy conditions. If you are unsure of your skills please start with a visit to the Crown Basin Turk. In Summer, weather and route-finding present the main challenge. You are spending a lot of time at altitude and very exposed to rapidly changing weather. Hypothermia is a serious risk and you need to ensure you have the skills to make the requisite judgements.

The Mountain Turk Club has invested considerable effort to ensure the huts are extremely safe and enjoyable to stay in. Our responsibility is for the Turks. The route between the Turks is neither marked nor established and is not the responsibility of The Mountain Turk Club.

There is a booking fee automatically added to each booking – this funds the booking system, so that all income derived from nightly fees can go into maintaining turks and funding conservation on the surrounding land.