Building Turks

Building a Turk is an unusual process. While some tasks resemble normal building the Turk’s circular shape makes the process feel similar to boat building. In this section the construction process is broken down into stages and required skills so that you can work out where you might be able to contribute.

Most of the tools required to build a Turk are common in a well-equipped garage and include:

  • Battery drill and torque drive
  • Belt sander and orbital sander
  • Table saw
  • Skill saw
  • Jig saw
  • Level or Laser level. (A laser level is not essential but makes things much easier)
  • Compound mitre saw
  • Tape measure, ruler, square.

The less common tools/skills include

  • CNC cutting of door/window jambs and internal fixtures
  • Plastic welding for the door/window shades and gutters
  • Tensioning tool for bracing around the foundation frame

The following list outlines the stages involved in building a Turk. As this website is developed the following stages will progressively turn in to links with more detail.

  • Foundation base and deck
  • Bunk, bench and shelving components
  • Door and door jamb
  • Window and jamb/frame
  • Sub-floor structure and floor
  • Install door and windows
  • Ceiling
  • Paneling
  • Install bunk and bench
  • Solar power system
  • Ventilation
  • Transportation
  • Installation