Mahu Whenua Traverse

The land contained within the Mahu Whenua Convenants offers a unique opportunity to establish a world-class, alpine traverse – the likes of which does not currently exist in the Southern Hemisphere. Such routes are popular in Europe (e.g. Haute Route) and North America (Wapta Traverse) and provide a “once in a life time” experience of staying in high mountain huts away from human complexity.

The traverse runs along the backbone of the Harris Mountains – the terrain here is particularly suited to backcountry skiing as it offers enough excitement without excessive risk from steep country and glacier travel. It is also relatively accessible, with ski-field roads providing access at both ends. The route traverses Coronet Peak Station (about 70% of its length) and Public Conservation Land, serviced by 5 huts which are all positioned on Coronet Peak Station.

Establishing a series of huts along this traverse provides opportunities to people with a broad range of abilities. With the established 5 huts, adventurers will never be too far from safe shelter should weather conditions deteriorate.

Listing the huts north to south:

Mahu Whenua Traverse route
Looking north from Mt Vanguard along the length of the traverse. 22 September 2018


Traverse profile. Starting Treble Cone on left of graph, Coronet Peak on the right