Club Membership

For the club to function efficiently the following types of people are required:

  • A few people with a big heart and a vision to front the capital of building a Turk
  • Some talented people to build and install the Turks
  • People to use them and contribute to their maintenance and upkeep

The membership categories below are aimed to get the balance correct. As a Turk ages and wears, a depreciation fund is established so the structure can be replaced. This may need to happen every 10-15 years. The founder of the Turk is still recognised.

Regular member

Regular membership is gained by either helping build a Turk or contributing materials to build one. The concept is that membership is through contribution to growing the club and not something you just purchase.
To be a regular member would involve doing one of the following (or a half and half split):

  • 10 hours building a Turk
  • or 10 hours of assistance installing a Turk
  • or 10 hours of conservation effort on the land (such as wilding pine or predator control) near the Turks
  • or Supplying materials for the construction of a Turk. These will be able to be purchased from this website, would come in $300 bundles and include things like: a bunk, a window, 1/10th of a plastic tank, half the deck, the floor, lighting etc.  Turk materials
  • or 10 hours of time doing legal, resource consent or other professional services the club requires.

If you do a lot of work building Turks (e.g. 4 days) then you can assign that extra time to another person to becoming a member. This may be popular when there is one person who is super into it and wants to involve their partner, parent or friend.
Regular members will pay a $20 per night use fee of the Turks to cover depreciation and maintenance.


Family Life Membership

There are a group of people who are willing to contribute more than what is required for a regular member but find the concept of a Founding Member (listed below) excessive. A Family member contributes the cost of a plastic water tank with a value of $2700.

  • Life membership for the person/couple who front up with the money to cover the material costs of a 26000 plastic water tank
  • Life membership for their children (including when they become adults but not the next generation)
  • No nightly use fees

Founding Member

A founding member pays for the material cost of Turk (excluding positioning costs and toilet). The original Turk in the Crown Basin was personally funded by Erik and Christine and this has set the benchmark for further founding members. At $10,000 this is a big contribution and hence there is a need for some decent way of saying thank you. Proposed benefits are:

  • Same as family membership
  • No nightly use fees for friends who accompany founding members using the Turks
  • Input into the location of the Turk and recognition of being the Turk’s founder (in the case of the Mahu Whenua Traverse being a founder of the traverse)
  • Special conditions can be negotiated
  • A big thank you.


There might be a cost for for non-members to stay in the Turks so it is possible to take a friend who is visiting from overseas and $300 for a single night is too much. The value of this is not yet determined but I anticipate $70 per person per night and must be accompanied by a member.


How to join

The current process is:

Deposit money into:  BNZ 02-0948-0361388-000   (or just 00 at the end)

Email me ( ) the following:

  • Amount of deposit
  • Material / membership category
  • If it is a large donation whether you want to be anonymous



  • Peter Carr-Boyd

    Sounds great!
    Let me know when the working dates are – would love to be apart of the team! Also, I might be able to put the funds together to get you a water tank.
    Great project!

  • Inge Bahle

    Hi Eric,
    What an amazing project and I would so love to be part of it. I live in Wanaka and love the outdoors – either through running & tramping in summer or snow shoeing/cross country skiing in winter. Ski touring is my next goal in life and this project might be just what will get me into it. However, I hope snowshoeing is also permitted 🙂
    I am part of the Matukituki trapping group – my only contributing skill, I guess, but am keen to be up there in summer, clearing and weeding out wilding pines etc.
    Have just deposited $ 300.00 into the account to contribute to building a bed or buy a mattress. Hope that helps
    Inge Bahle (account is I Bahle & Neil Scotts)

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