Recreation permit achieved!

I’m pleased to announce that the Mountain Turk Club has been granted a 20 year permit to have 6 Turks on the Coronet Peak and Glencoe Station Crown Pastoral Lease land.

The permit is issued by LINZ who have the statutory authority to approve non-farming activities on Crown Lease land.

This was the final piece of approval the club needed before we can go ahead with Turk installation. There is a reasonable list of requirements that all fit in the category of “reasonable and to be expected”. The process has taken a while longer than expected because of Covid, but it’s very pleasing to get past this milestone.

An excellent video about Turks

Below is an wonderful video prepared by club member Grant Johnston. It provides an excellent explanation of a Turk and provides a great idea of what they are like inside and some of my thinking about the design and club. Well worth watching.

Revised install date

My initial hope of installing the Turks on the weekend of 4th July was a bit too optimistic. I’ll make another date decision after this weekend.

Although we are 95% there it is important we don’t “jump the gun” and fly something in that is not 100% complete. If we do then we are just creating an expensive maintenance problem.

I want to have a “clear week” where those involved in the build can’t see anything extra that needs doing. I recently wrote a list of 65 outstanding issues – some in our control and others where we are waiting for parts. We should get 2/3 of this list completed this weekend.

A small team will be working on the Turks this Sunday from 10am at The Hangar, 192 Arthur’s Point. Most of the jobs are in the joinery category with a few simple tasks like cleaning. Please swing by and have a look if you are in the neighborhood.

After this weekend we will have one more work weekend to do finishing touches including removing all the floors and giving them some more polyurethane coats – some more work for those handy with paint brush/rollers.

Below is a short video giving an overview of Turk progress.


Erik Bradshaw
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