I hope to have a response to the resource consent by mid-November. I also plan to organise the founding meeting for the club in mid to late November so we can get financial systems established and start building Turks again.
With that done we can start building over the Christmas break (a good opportunity for out of town people to get involved) with a target install date of Easter 2020.

Talk in Christchurch
On the 12th December I am giving a talk at the Canterbury Westland Section of the NZ Alpine Club, this is open to anybody. Details:

Crown Basin Turk
This has seen some good use over winter and spring. If you are interested in visiting look at the calendar http://mountainturk.nz/crow-basin-turk-bookings/ and email or text or call me and I will add you to the calendar. This approach will prevent having to share your bunks!.

My family did a great trip up there in the kid’s school holidays. I invented a quick backcountry ski setup for the kids which worked well. We spent 4 days up there skiing, building an igloo, playing cards and avoiding electronic devices. For a video of the ski binding look here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMKWLc7GG6M&t=62s

Motatapu Saddle looking north to the head of the Polnoon Burn

One more note
If you have sent me an email and I haven’t replied please send it again! My inbox can become an war zone and I sometimes suspect there are things haven’t replied to but can’t find.

Erik Bradshaw, October 2019
027 241 8571

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