26 people were at the Crown Basin Turk a couple of weekends ago. 22 of us skied from the Crown Saddle over Crown Peak as part of the Earth Sea Sky adventure tour and another 4 joined us by coming up from the Glencoe Station road. We didn’t all try and fit into the Turk at the same time!

Latest News
I’m giving a talk in Wanaka about Turks and the Mahu Whenua Traverse this Wednesday evening (ie tomorrow) to the Upper Clutha Tramping Club. This is open to everybody so please come along.
Details:                 7:30pm Wednesday 11th September
Wanaka Fire Station, Ballantyne Road
Park on the road! The firestation is for fire trucks!

It will be an interesting evening with the talk including the evolution of the Turks design, adventures installing them in the Antarctic, plans and progress for the Mahu Whenua Traverse which will connect Wanaka to Queenstown via the mountains. This is a good chance to get involved and work out what you can do to help.

Progress on building consent
I was stalled for a while by the apparent need to make the Turks wheelchair accessible. My mistake was to believe the MBIE interpretation of the Building Act and not to look at the source document. Fortunately it was pointed out to me that section 118 of the Act actually says that for public buildings wheelchair accessible facilities are required “… for persons with disabilities who may be expected to visit or work in the building”.
I would love people with disabilities to visit but we all need to be practical and it is good the law reflects this view.

Resource Consent
I was a bit naive about this. I think the project is in the same category as a property developer carving up the landscape but without their budget and financial reward! The latest communication is the need to visit each of the 6 Turk sites with a QLDC planner and a Landscape Architect – all seams a bit strange when the only people who will ever see the Turks will be so grateful of their existence for the shelter and relaxation they provide. QLDC has agreed to pay for the initial filling fee which is great.

Founding AGM/Meeting
I plan to delay this until I am in a firmer position with the Building and Resource Consent. I want to have an AGM meeting where we can set a clear and definite path forward. This can only happen once we have a clear indication of our status in the planning process.

Crown Basin Turk
This has seen many people have some great adventures over the last month. I was up there last Saturday and the skiing was great with 5cm of frosted powder on a firm base. If you want to spend the night up there check out this calendar and send me an email of dates and your phone number. http://mountainturk.nz/crow-basin-turk-bookings/

Some Turk science

This temperature graph is from a data logger I installed in the Crown Basin Turk. This initial design has no insulation and very little thermal mass hence the temperature fluctuates wildly. The newer design have 2-3 tons of gravel in the base and are insulated.
When the sun is shining the inside of the Turk gets to temperatures above 20c even though the outside temperature is probably around zero. My goal with more recent design is to move this heat energy into the thermal mass of the base which combined with insulation should avoid the chilly nights at -10c.

Erik Bradshaw
027 241 8571

10 September 2019

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