Something of interest…the snippet above are a few of the calculations from the 6 page engineering reports prepared for each of the Turk sites. At the stormiest of locations the Turks are deigned to withstand winds over 300 km/h with a safety factor of 2. You can sleep well at night even if the tops are being blown off the surrounding mountains!


Saturday saw Katrina Gardiner, Leigh Halkett and Christine Ryan completing 3 of the mattresses, this task shouldn’t be under valued because if done commercially this was the second most expensive Turk component after the tank itself. While they worked in the warm house Leif Christensen, Nigel Lloyd and David worked on the next Hollywood blockbuster titled “3 men and a toilet” which I have high hopes of a sequel this weekend.

Ursula and Andrew Davis painted the exterior woodwork which has been sealed with epoxy resin but requires additional care to keep the UV out. Jenny Allen was appointed Turk style queen and was also seen with a paint brush.

Heather and Ewen Rendel, Hylton Brisco along with myself tackled the ceiling which is the most difficult part of Turk assemble (because it is a complex curve). It was finalised by Kent Dow as we were getting to the point where a tea break was a death defying necessity. Fortunately we came up with some good ideas of how to improve the process next time.

During the week Chris Phoon learnt how to plastic weld and attached the gutter for rain water collection while Wendy Johnson and Philip Green completed polyurethane the wall panels.

To do next

I hope to get the window and door fitted before this Saturday which will allow the door and window reveals to be fitted which in turn allows for the paneling and hence then the bunks and bench to be completed. Tasks to do:

  • Fit the door/window reveals (plywood, quite simple)
  • Complete the paneling
  • Fit the bunks (joinery kind of work)
  • Fit the bench (more joinery)
  • Attach shelving and internal seat
  • Make stand for water tank
  • Make and attach outside seat
  • Complete the toilet

The next build date is this Saturday:
Saturday 11th May from 10 am
92 Centennial Ave, Arrowtown

Some other notes

Thank you to all the people who have contributed Turk materials, it is great to have this support as I sometimes question whether I am an eccentric on a crazy crusade. I will be preparing a financial summary once this Turk is complete.

A huge thanks to Boffa Miskell (especially Holly Gardiner) for their help in preparing the resource consent application.

Also a big thank you to Anderson Lloyd for their help with preparing the club constitution. I hope to have the proposed constitution for the Mountain Turk Club out soon.

Erik Bradshaw
9 May 2019

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