We have had the plastic tank for the Turk for less than 2 weeks and are probably 70% of the way to completion.

Easter saw a lot of activity: Jenny Allan, Ursula and Andrew Davis, Chris Osauskas, Glen Davis, Jane Shearer and Chris Nelson made a great job of preparing the internal wood work. Christine Ryan and Leigh Halkett wrestled with maths, pins and sewing machines to make the ceiling insulation and sew the mattress covers.  Ben Liley and Leif Christensen worked on the joinery for the bunk structure and also the internal fit-out. Ewen and Heather Rendel were super-dedicated (along with Ben Liley) working on the floor, wood and insulation. Andy Stevenson greatly improved the quality of joinery in the project by preventing me from doing it! Brent Jarvis wrangled the toilet, John Alexander made a cameo appearance as did a few others who I can’t quite remember.

The next build date is:
Saturday 4th May from 10 am
92 Centennial Ave, Arrowtown

I have been hoping to fire up our outside pizza over but to date the weather hasn’t allowed it. I am hoping this Saturday might be the day.

By the end of the weekend I expect the Turk to be 90% complete. Skills required:

  • Sewing and working with fabric – finishing mattress covers and installing ceiling.
  • Painting – need to paint the outside wood door/window jambs (UV protection)
  • Joinery – fitting bunks, bench, shelving.
  • Building – completing the toilet, stand for water tank
  • Plastic welding – installing guttering and window/door shades
  • General – fitting insulation and paneling

Material Contributions
Although the club constitution is not yet finalised, we are well down the path towards that. If you would like to start making contributions towards materials now that would be much appreciated!

To make a contribution.
  1. Go to the page: http://mountainturk.nz/about-turks/turk-contributions/    or this page http://mountainturk.nz/about-turks/turk-materials/
  2. Choose what you want to contribute for. Put the money into account: ASB 12-3405-0092402-03
  3. Send me an email and tell me what you have done

Erik Bradshaw
1 May 2019

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