Last Saturday and again on Monday saw 20+ people on each day continue to assemble the Turks. It is a rewarding (and at times stressful when you are the designer and in charge of quality control) to see the Turks take shape. Installation of the wall paneling, felt and ceiling fabric went smoothly and suddenly transformed an industrial spray-foamed tank into something of beauty!

To do:

  1. Complete installation of benches
  2. Install bunk horizontals and ladder
  3. Assemble and install shelving
  4. Finish ceiling and wall trim
  5. Install lighting, solar panel, battery
  6. Route, seal and paint doors
  7. Assemble and hang doors
  8. Cut door and window stop, install weather seal
  9. Complete and stuff mattresses
  10. Fit inside seating
  11. Make and install coat rack
  12. Plastic weld guttering onto tank
  13. Build water tank stands
  14. Plastic weld tags and assemble outside seating

Erik Bradshaw

4th June 2020

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