Preparing gravel loads in Skippers Canyon. The original plan was to find gravel up high in the mountains but Covid time restrictions have changed our plans. Easier to have it prepared and fly it in when required. Each Turk is anchored by 3 tons of gravel between the tank base and the floor.       Photo by Lewy Edwards

Next build dates:

Saturday 30 May 10am
The Hangar 182 Arthur’s Point

Monday 1 June 10am
The Hangar 182 Arthur’s Point
NOTE: If you’re not going to be at the Saturday build day please email/text/call me before Monday to check tasks/skills. It’s difficult to predict how much we will achieve on Saturday and therefore what skills will be required for Monday.

Things to do:
From my newsletter last week we got most of the way to stage 4. We were a bit limited by running out of some materials. Here is the list again:

  1. Trim and tidy the spray foam insulation. This is a low skilled and messy job. It will take 2 people 2 hours per Turk (5 Turks in total)  – Done 🙂
  2. Fit the wood paneling – medium skill  (80%)
  3. Fit the ceiling hexagon and fabric – medium skill
  4. Glue on the felt backing behind the bunks – medium skill  (30%)
  5. Fit the bench – builder-level skills
  6. Fit door – builder-level skills
  7. Fit window – builder-level skills
  8. Fit the window and door jamb/reveals – builder-level skills
  9. Fit the bunk ends – builder-level skills
  10. Fit the bunk supports and ladder – builder-level skills
  11. Plastic weld guttering – specialist skill
  12. Plastic weld window and door shades – specialist skill
  13. Fit shelves, solar lighting and other details – builder-level skills

Tasks 3 & 4 are very rewarding since they have the feeling of huge progress with minimal input. You don’t need to be a builder to be good at this!

Previous build weekend (20th May)
A good keen group of 20 people tackled the most difficult job in the build process – trimming back the spray foam insulation. It was neither easy nor pleasant but the job was completed in good spirits. As the organiser I arrived with a good collection of tools and said your “guess is as good as mine”, people got creative, found solutions and got the job done.

Some other thoughts

With the main focus being completing and installing the Turks we (i.e. the committee but really I’m the bottleneck) haven’t managed to fully organise membership lists. Here is a summary:

  • 8 Founding memberships
  • 13 Family memberships
  • 53 Regular memberships
  • Approx 100 memberships through labour/professional services

Depending on how you count Founding and Family membership people (6 and 4 respectively) you arrive at a total membership of about 250 people.

A concern of the committee is having too many members for the first winter and the Turks being over booked. We concluded that with more than 300 members this might become a problem. It is very difficult to predict, especially with Covid making the foreseeable future weird and unpredictable. What I want to express is that we are onto it and want to ensure the early adopters and Turk builders are well looked after.

Timing and installation
Still no news on the Recreation Permit but I’m hoping for news by the end of next week. This will allow us to have an install date around the weekend of the 20/21 June. I am keen to have as many members involved on the install weekend as possible, even if you just stand around with your hands in your pockets. It will be a big event and something we should all be celebrating.
My plan is to workout a standard fixed per person cost (around $100) for those who want to helicopter in.

Stay tuned. More soon.

Erik Bradshaw
027 241 8571

28 May 2020

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