It is time to start building some Turks! But before I charge in I need to address a few things…

By now I had hoped to be a bit further with the consent application process and have a clear green light for the way forward but as with most challenging projects it is an amber light. All the people I have discussed the various consent requirements for the Mahu Whenua Traverse with (councillors, planners, engineers) express the opinion that there shouldn’t be obstacles. However, we are still in the filling process (waiting for engineer’s report and Resource Consent information)

Since we are in the planning/bureaucratic waiting game and winter is getting closer (only 11 weeks until the ski areas open) the way forward is to start making Turks. The issue is to find a strategic approach to optimise positive outcomes. This is the plan:

1.    Build another Turk at my place in Arrowtown for installation this winter. This has the following purposes:

  • Spread the knowledge of how to build Turks around more people
  • Further refine the design
  • Get people together to better appreciate amount of energy and skills
  • To make something!

2.    Consider placing foundations frames, deck and toilets at each of the Turk sites. The benefit of this is:

  • Means Turks installation is not winter critical. With the base installed and levelled the Turk can be installed in less than 2 hours
  • This step does not require a Resource Consent

3.    In mid/late April make the call on whether we should go for it and build further Turks for installation in June/July

Here is the plan:
Start building a Turk at my Place (92 Centennial Ave, Arrowtown) this Wednesday 3rd April then repeat for subsequent Wednesdays. At first it will take a while to understand peoples’ skills and timing but I think the best approach is to get together and discuss this face to face.
Things to include (might take a couple of evenings):

  • Build a foundation frame
  • Build the deck
  • Trim and sand the door and window jamb with resin/gelcoat (I have already assembled this)
  • Sand and edge radius the bunk and bench structure the polyurethane.
  • Build the sub-floor structure and cut the circular floor (using a router on an arm). Polyurethane the floor

Once the above is completed the first tank should have arrived and we can assemble it all.

This is Anton Schmitz driving my pizza oven. I’ll have this fired up on Wednesday so bring a bit to drink and I’ll make sure we have something to eat. Feel free to bring partners/kids. Hunters, please bring your best venison salami!

Wednesday 3 April, 4:30 – 7.30 pm
Wednesday 10th April , 4:30 – 7.30 pm
92 Centennial Ave. Arrowtown
Start building a Turk, enjoy some pizza, meet people and work out a plan

If you are from outside Central Otago send me an email with the subject starting with the closest major town (Invercargill, Dunedin, Christchurch etc). That way I can communicate with you collectively and work out a plan.

Club Constitution
I have yet to finalise the club constitution. My approach has been to try and strike the right balance between labour, financial contribution and hut usage. To achieve this I have been talking to as many people as possible and carefully listening to their feedback. My idea was to try and get it right the first time to set the club in the right direction for years to come.

The common feedback is that people are mostly interested in making it happen – getting more Turks into the mountains is more important than the finer points of detail. Hence, I will complete the constitution ASAP with the intention of having a decent review in a year’s time.

While things get organised (I have a good accountant lined up for the finance position) I think the best approach to money is to run a hut finance page on this website so everyone can see where their money is going, progress etc.

New material on the website
For those who want to see inside a Turk and get an idea of the build process visit this page

I have added a page discussing the installation process of a Turk. I wanted to expose this since it has an impact on our ability to develop a strategy for the next few months.

This page lists the materials and pricing (ex GST)  required to build a Turk (with deck and toilet). I expect to be within 10% of the total listed. If you are a builder and some materials want to fall off the back of your truck let me know!

Quite a few people will join the club by contributing materials. In this page I have grouped materials into purchasable items. So here is your chance to say “I paid for this bunk/bench/floor/deck/toilet in the mountains).

I also added this nice map of the Mahu Whenua Traverse

Music/Play list
The land the Turks will be installed on is Crown Pastoral Lease with the lease owned by Mutt Lange. In case you didn’t know Mutt is one of the world’s top record producers and songwriters working with bands such as AC/DC, Britney Spears, Def Leppard, The Boomtown Rats, Foreigner, Michael Bolton, The Cars, Bryan Adams, Huey Lewis and the News, Billy Ocean, The Corrs, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, Nickelback, Céline Dion, and Muse.

It would be great if someone (doesn’t matter if there are several) can come up with good playlist suitable for building Turks, using these (or other Mutt Lange produced bands) to form the material!

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