Race to winter

What more can I say except the Corona virus has thrown a spanner in the works!

I have made a video of our progress to date. As you can see, the Turks are ready for the insulation to be applied. Once that’s complete it’s a matter of installing the prepared internal fittings.

Turk progress video
Before the lockdown became enforced I managed to share out some jobs such as making mattress covers. I also moved a stack of materials home so I can start making the toilets. I’ve made progress on these, so will share an exciting toilet video in the next update. 😀

The question is how to succeed within the current restrictions. I am hoping the restrictions will reduce to level 2 or 3 by the end of the month. This would allow us to get the Turks completed and ready to install by late May. I had previously stated that installation needs to be completed before mid May when the ground begins to get frozen.

This isn’t a hard rule, it’s more that installation requires tougher people and is harder work if done in later autumn or winter. For example people might need to be flown in to prepare the site and spend a night in a tent before the Turk is flown in the next day. It also may mean site preparation in the snow, which from past experience is a lot more challenging.

I want to get the job done! Once there is some easing of the lockdown I plan to formulate a plan to get the Turks in so stay tuned and optimistic!

Getting organised

The committee (Glen, Mary, Zane and I) have been steadily getting club things organised. Over the next couple of weeks we will issue receipts for all money received and also recognition for the time people have contributed to building the Turks. Please note that this is back-dated to the building of the original Crown Basin Turk and the Turk that was in my driveway.

Stay well and keep dreaming of outdoors adventures!

Erik Bradshaw
7th April 2020
027 241 8571