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The email address in the previous newsletter was incorrectly listed as a address when it is really If your email got bounced please resend it.

As you can imagine my email is a bit of a bomb site. I try and reply to everyone, but if you don’t have a response please send it again or text/call me.

Erik Bradshaw
027 241 8571

First Big Build weekend:
Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th March. Work starts 8:30am on both days
The Hangar
182 Arthurs Point Road

Club finances

There has been an amazing response since my last newsletter with club finances jumping from $700 to $65,000. This has allowed me to get cracking and buy material for the next 5 Turks. There is a lot of positive energy for the project and it is very rewarding to see it being enthusiastically adopted by others. It makes the long process of working thought consents, planning and design worthwhile.

First Big Build weekend

This coming weekend (7 & 8 March) is the first of the “big build” events. At the bottom of the email is a detailed list of the tasks I want to achieve. Here is a summary:

  • Framing/assembly – this is standard building skills with the odd bit of creativity.
  • Edging/sanding/painting – the refuge for people who feel they don’t have any skills. There is a lot to do so don’t exclude yourself if you feel unskilled.
  • Unusual/critical – It takes a certain confidence to cut into a $3000 plastic water tank hence the title. The tasks here will typically involve me either doing it or in an instruction role.
  • Fabric/sewing – There is a lot to do here (because the mattresses are an unusual shape) so if you have the skills you will be appreciated every time somebody lies down to sleep.
  • Other – tea, scones, tidying, quick trip to the hardware shop. There are always other things that make life better!

How the weekend will work

  • It is going to be social and fun. Bring something for the BBQ for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Something good will happen on Saturday evening – Cargo Brewery and Rakau Pizza are less than 2 minutes away so the evening is easily sorted.
  • You don’t need to be there both days, however please commit to at least a solid half day. There will be a register for name/phone/email when people arrive.
  • Health and Safety – hazards fit into two categories: sharp stuff (table saw, compound saw) and toxic stuff (resins, paint, polyurethanes). Fortunately it is all “home handyman” category stuff so a few simple rules will suffice:
    • When using power tools, if it is not yours then ask the owner before using it. If you are the owner make sure the user has the skills.
    • The area is well ventilated so paint fumes will not be an issue. Rubber gloves will be supplied.
    • Pairs of safety glasses and earmuffs are available. Disposable ear plugs will be supplied. If you have this gear please bring it.
    • Beware the unusual – building Turks involves a lot of off-angle cutting and also working with plastics. Things can jam and spring back in unexpected ways (especially with plastics).
  • Extra tools/gear – let me know if you can help:
    • Orbital sanders, I have one, but we need 5+
    • Battery drills/torque drive
    • A decent music system. I have a play list of music produced by Mutt Lange (whose land the Turks will be on).
    • I have one plastic welder. This could be a bottle-neck so another would be very useful.
    • BBQ
  • The weather for the weekend looks good. The weekend will go ahead irrespective of weather.
  • Food is really good. Cake, scones, beer (after we have finished) is much appreciated. The town is full of hospitality business so maybe some miracles will materialise!

The build venue

The Hangar
182 Arthurs Point Rd
Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th March. Work starts 8:30am on both days.

Turk Central for the next 8 weeks. We will assemble the Turks on the left and have a covered work area on the right. If you are after a custom pair of skis chat to Guy and Russ whose workshop is to the right.

Framing / assembly

  1. Build foundation frames
  2. Build front decks
  3. Assemble bunk edging
  4. Assemble bunk ladder
  5. Build sub floor frame
  6. Fit sub floor frame
  7. Fit sub floor edging
  8. Fit vertical batons
  9. Fit ceiling edging
  10. Fit floor
  11. Assemble bench
  12. Assemble door/window using epoxy resin

Edging, sanding, painting

  1. Cut wall panelling ply to 2200mm + polyurethane
  2. Radius edges of bunk supports and sand
  3. Polyurethane bunk supports
  4. Polyurethane floor
  5. Polyurethane bunk bases
  6. Radius bunk edging and polyurethane
  7. Chamfer bunk ladder inner edge, radius rung edges, sand and polyurethane
  8. Radius, sand and polyurethane shelving and seats
  9. Radius bench edges, sand and polyurethane
  10. Chamfer, sand and paint ceiling hexagon
  11. Sand and tidy door/window assembly, seal with epoxy resin
  12. Paint outer surfaces of door/window with Lustacryl paint

Unusual / critical

  1. Position and level tanks on foundation frames
  2. Cut hole for door
  3. Fit door jamb
  4. Cut guttering pipe to length, then in half
  5. Tension guttering half round onto tanks and plastic weld
  6. Cut hole for window
  7. Fit window jamb
  8. Cut and plastic weld central ceiling location plate
  9. Position ceiling octagon and plastic weld 6 location tags (per Turk)
  10. Plastic weld 12 (per Turk) intermediate ceiling support tags
  11. Fit window panes to door and window, router rebate as necessary
  12. Glaze, pin and silicone seal window panes in place
  13. Cut door, window shades and supports from waste plastic
  14. Cut plastic supports for window and door shades
  15. Attach supports then door and window shades

Fabric / sewing

  1. Cut fabric for mattress covers
  2. Sew mattress covers
  3. Cut mattress foam
  4. Fit mattress foam in covers and hand sew closed
  5. Prepare fabric ceiling circle

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