Newsletter #13 – Fortune favours the bold

The founding meeting of the Mountain Turk Club was a resounding success with 70 attendants and lively and worthwhile conversation.

The evening started with a presentation of Turk history and how the design has evolved with experiences in New Zealand and Antarctica. Rob Wardle from QEII Trust explained the Mahu Whenua Covenants and the spirit in which they were formed. He also highlighted that involvement from the community is critical in defining the success of the covenants.

Next we got into the serious business of establishing the club. The presentation I used can be found here: Presentation
The minutes are here: Minutes
The constitution (with many thanks to Anderson Lloyd) can be found here: Club constitution

In summary, the following was unanimously decided: to form and incorporate the club with the following people appointed to the committee:

  • Chairperson: Erik Bradshaw
  • Treasurer: Zane Kerse
  • Secretary: Mary Jowett
  • Communications: Glenn Davis

The exciting news (and hence the caption of this newsletter) is the unanimous decision to go-for-it and build all 5 additional Turks with a proposed install on ANZAC weekend (25-27th April). I am currently working out finances and materials to make this happen. An ambitious goal brings out the best in people so with only 10 weeks expect an impressive performance.

I have yet to finalise build location but have committed to these “Big Build” events:

  • March 7-8  (more low skilled tasks like sanding and painting)
  • March 28-29

The idea of these weekends is to spend both days building Turks with a social Saturday evening. Committing to these weekend allow out of region people time to make travel arrangements and get involved. Other build days and evenings around these weekends will also be organised.

At the meeting (and also in subsequent correspondence with the committee) the issue of being victims of our own success was frequently raised. The concern is that the early adopters who put in the effort and resources will be swamped by those joining later once the Mahu Whenua Turks are in place. This issue is more critical in the winter period where there is only 2.5 months when the traverse can be completed on skis.

If this concern becomes reality, materials/financial membership will be temporarily capped once $100k has been reached (the Mahu Whenua Turks will cost $77k). Labour/time membership will be suspended the Friday before ANZAC weekend. This will give the committee time to ensure all those who made the project a reality have a reasonable chance of visiting the Turks. This will be reviewed at the end of winter and at 6 months, since we want to make the club open to anybody.

If you want to be part of this project don’t procrastinate! Either join in the work days or contribute to materials:

Individual member:     $300
Family membership:   $2,700
Founding member:     $10,000  (email/call me to chat)
More details here

Deposit money into:  ASB  12-3405-0092402-03

Email me ( ) the following:

  • Amount of deposit
  • Material / membership category
  • If you want to be anonymous

The act of payment means you have agreed to the terms of the constitution: Constitution

Next newsletter soon once I have more stuff organised.

Erik Bradshaw
027 241 8571

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