Wow – Newsletter #1!

Firstly, thank you for subscribing to the Mountain Turk project. It is great to work on such a fun and ambitious project and know that there are lots of keen people that want to get involved.

What’s been happening?

I have been getting the website organised with content – background and history of turks, club structure and membership, and of course all about the Mahu Whenua traverse. Check it out here

I plan to use the site as a bit of a forum to discuss and plan things. I’ll be getting this organised over the next couple of weeks.

Turk locations
After many days stomping around the Harris Mountains looking for locations to install the Turks for the Mahu Whenu Traverse I’m pleased to announce considerable success. To see the primo locations I’ve narrowed it down to, check out

There’s a map of the full traverse here

Club structure
I’ve outlined my initial concepts for how the club will be structured and operate here I expect there will be lots of questions and feedback – at this stage just email me and I will try and build up an FAQ section. I’m still taking on board people’s ideas and evolving the membership concepts as we go.

Money and resources
There are three parts to getting the Mountain Turk Club and Mahu Whenua Traverse established – permission, people and money. I am confident that I have enough money lined up from generous people who have a motivation and passion for the outdoors. I am equally convinced I have enough people to build and install them. The next stage is to organise the Resource/Building/LINZ Consents and the Club that will own it all. This is my current focus.

What happens next?

Working with Anderson Lloyd and Boffa Miskell, I hope to get the consents ready to submit by 13th March. Before we can submit them, we need a club, so some time around this date I will organise a public meeting to establish the club and elect key people. There is more detail about this here

I’m keen to get more interested people registered so I can easily communicate with everyone – so please forward this newsletter to people who might be interested.

That’s all for now. If you have some thoughts or ideas please email me.

Erik Bradshaw
19 February 2019



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