Deep Creek Turk

This is the lowest of the Turks in the Mahu Whenua Traverse. At 900m altitude it will often be below the snow line in winter. The positioning of the Turk is motivated more by safety than because it is an amazing location. If people find themselves exhausted (or have other problems) the tendency is to go downhill, if they make it to the saddle but then need to walk 12+ km or climb 500 metres to shelter then bad things might happen.

Within the next year or two a walking/biking track will circumnavigate Coronet Peak and pass within 200 metres of this site. This will expose the Turk to a large number of users who are not club members, especially for day use. There might also be an unreasonable expectation for night use. This will present the club with an interesting challenge but it is worth remembering a Turk can be moved at a relatively low cost.

Looking towards Vanguard Peak

Looking down from Coronet Peak ridge. Deep Creek on the left, Coronet Creek on the right. Vanguard top left
Looking back from lower slopes of Mt Vanguard. Ridge to Coronet Peak angling up to the right

Vanguard (left) and Malings Peaks from point 1372 northwest of Coronet Peak