Polnoon Saddle Turk

This is the northern-most Turk, located at the saddle between the Polnoon Burn and Motatapu River’s north branch.

The site has an amazing view looking up the Polnoon Burn and has all day sun. The only concern is the site is potentially windy being the lowest point between large mountains and in line with the north-west winds.

At 1250 metres, the site is higher than the car park at Coronet Peak but much more north facing. Snow will typically stay around the hut for a few days after a storm but most of the year the site will be snow free.

View looking north from the site. The Polnoon Burn is flowing towards the camera. The snowy peak in the background is Craigroyston
The lower altitude site is the proposed Turk location. The bottom arrow is another potential site with a better view.


Polnoon Burn in centre of the photo. Treble Cone on the right behind the rock. From point 1788 north of Sibera.


View from the upper site at 1325 metres