Annual Meeting

28th October 2020 – 7pm
Lakes Hayes Pavilion

This could be called an AGM but I didn’t want to scare you! It will be a fun an interesting evening where I will summarise what has been achieved and we can also discuss where to go in the future.

This event is open to anybody interested in the Turk project.

I’ll be there from 6pm. Please bring something to drink and if somebody is really generous some snacks would be much appreciated. It would be good to make the evening social as well as having to do the formal club stuff.

Here are the important documents for the meeting:

Notice of Mountain Turk Club Annual Meeting 2020

Financial statements to year ending 31 March 2020 – acceptance required

Change to constitution: Not-for-Profit status – approval required

Change to constitution: Audit requirement copy – approval required

Proxy Vote document

Mountain Turk Club Operating manual 2020-21 – acceptance required

Interim Financial statement to 30 Sep 2020 – for discussion