Here’s what you need to know about turks if you’re heading in to stay in one…

All turks are well-equipped and have the same stuff in them, as follows:

  • 4 roomy bunks with comfy, non-plastic mattresses
  • A couple of extra mattresses for those who like the floor
  • 2 fluffy blankets and 2 lightweight (Warehouse) sleeping bags
  • A gas cooker (standard screw cannister type) and supply of lighters
  • Pots, pans, kettle and plenty of utensils, plus plates, bowls, cups etc.
  • Dishwashing stuff
  • Table
  • Library stocked with quality outdoor books and magazines, with a few novels thrown in for good measure
  • Armchair and two deck chairs

As well as this, these high-tech turks have a 100 watt solar panel and battery system that provides lighting and dual USB outputs for charging devices.

There is currently (as of August 2021) plenty of toilet paper and gas at the Turks.

The Club also owns some safety equipment, including a 6 person bothy bag (emergency shelter) and a SpotX Satellite locator beacon. We’re currently trialling this setup but the plan is to purchase enough for each group on the traverse to carry a set.

Finally as an added bonus, the St Just turk has the famous ‘Shotski’ – bring your favourite tipple to give it a go!